Goodknight Naturals, 150ml – Neem Anti Mosquito Room Spray with 100% Natural



  • Contains: 1 unit of Goodknight Naturals Neem Anti-Mosquito Room Spray, 150ml
  • Made with 100% NATURAL active ingredients – Neem and Patchouli Oil
  • NEEM – antibacterial and anti-fungal, known to ward off mosquitoes
  • PATCHOULI OIL – essential oil known to be a strong and effective mosquito repellent
  • Safe for all age groups elderly and babies (PAEDIATRICIAN CERTIFIED)
  • Each unit lasts up to 750 sprays
  • Other products from the Goodknight Naturals range – Neem Anti-Fly Surface Spray and Neem Mosquito Repellent Vapouriser + Refills